Some of our products

  • Vintage Slide Necklaces and Earrings
  • HatsBow Ties
  • Genderless Fragrance

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About Us

Accessories that go "both" ways

Mustache Mermaid

Mustache Mermaid is an accessories line for all genders and features convertible wares. A bow tie that's adorned with a collar chain that is also an earring. A hand painted hat with a feather that can be clipped in hair. A bow tie that can also be a brooch. And every so often, a brooch that's a brooch. 

We hand decorate all of our items and design them for functionality and style. 

We also have a core value of using recycled and reclaimed materials and make it a priority to create as little waste as possible. 

Our accessories are for all peoples and mythical creatures.